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To the Tune ST CATHERINES (8 8 8 8 8 8)

You have made known your path of life:   Psalm 16:11

The myst'ry shown me in your Son -   

be glad my heart, rejoice my tongue -    Psalm 16:9

Jesus who died now lives again!

Death could not keep its hold on Him,    Acts 2:24

Nor did His body see decay.    Psalm 16:10


This is my rich inheritance:    Psalm 16:6 ; Ephesians 1:18

Co-heir with Christ, the risen Lord!    Romans 8:17

For in His life, I am re-born;      1 Peter 1:3

Hope is my treasure, Christ be praised!       Ephesians 1:18

Death could not keep its hold on Him,    Acts 2:24

Nor will He leave me to the grave.    Psalm 16:10


Faith is my shield - hope will not die    1 Peter 1:5

Though I endure all kind of trial    1 Peter 1:6

I will trust in the Lord my God    Psalm 56:3

Faith offers riches gold could not    1 Peter 1:7

Through Faith I know my Saviour lives    1 Peter 1:8 ; Acts 2:34

In Faith I know that Death is dead       1 Corinthians 15:34


Breathe on me, Lord, send your Spirit -    John 20:22

As you were sent, you send me now    John 20:21

Grant the pow'r that raised you to life -       Ephesians 1:20

It's there for all that trust in you.       Ephesians 1:19

Master, I go now in your Name

Your will to do, your deeds proclaim


I will make known what I have found:

This life and joy that you gave me.

Christ is my hope. He is my all -

Brothers sisters, neighbours must know:

"Jesus who died lives evermore!

Come share His resurrection pow'r!