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If you are a CCLI or LicenSing licence holder, please follow the usual reporting procedures when using hymns from this site.



If you do not have a copyright License but would like to make use of a particular hymn on a once-off basis,
you are welcome to contact me to arrange appropriate permissions.  Or else simply make use of my "honesty jar" and make a contribution below.



I prefer not to make this a locked prescription site.
Instead I offer an "honesty jar" approach.
You choose, based on how often you use the site, how much to donate, and how often.  It's totally up to you.  
Thank you for your support !

Here is a suggested guideline for contributions

$5 for a one-off use of one hymn
$10 annual contribution for those who would use up to 5 hymns in a year
$15 for up to 10

You get the idea.  Please - this is really meant as just a guideline. Less if you like. More if you like.

It really is up to you, and in the end, I really would rather the hymns were used at no cost than not used at all!