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© 2005 Brenton Prigge
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All Hymns on this site are registered with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International)

There is no fee payable to New Hymn for the use of these hymns - neither for the reproduction of these hymns, nor for their use in worship. There are however, three conditions which must be adhered to in order to remain within the bounds of international copyright laws:

  1. You need to be in possession of a current license with CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International). If you are not in possession of such a license, you may apply for one by contacting them at Any use or reproduction of any part of the hymns on this web site without a valid and current CCLI license is in direct contravention of international copyright law.

  2. All reproductions of these hymns (whether on paper, projected, or electronically stored) must clearly indicate copyright information, i.e. the Author, the Copyright Date and the CCLI number.
    (e.g. - Brenton Prigge © 2002 CCLI #3816798) Any reproduction without this information is a breach of international copyright laws. (incidentally, this is of course true for all music and lyrics, not only these here)

  3. Finally, ALL USE and ALL REPRODUCTION of each hymn must please be included in your annual report to CCLI.
    - whether printed on sheets of paper, in booklets, or photostat copies made, or projected onto a screen;
    - whether it be just for one musician, the worship team or choir, or for the whole congregation.
    Any unreported use is a breach of international copyright laws (again: true for all music and lyrics)

NEW - CCLI Report Form

For those who submit reports by mail (CCLI Africa) - for your convenience, and to simplify the reporting process, simply download and print a report form, tick to indicate hymns used, and attach to your annual CCLI report. [DOWNLOAD]



  If you do not have a CCLI License but would like to make use of a particular hymn on a once-off basis,
you are welcome to contact me to arrange appropriate permissions.