Ride on, Ride on in Majesty   Words: George Stuart © 2009

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Suggested Tune WINCHESTER NEW (8888) from Georg Wittwe’s Musikalisch Handbuch

1. Ride on: ride on in majesty;
The palms affirm with certainty
Your claim to be Messiah King.
The crowds join in and loudly sing.


2.  Ride on; ride on - A peaceful plea -
A colt you ride symbolically.
They want a stallion and a sword
To fight a war. No peace accord!


3.  Ride on; ride on for liberty.
The charge is your insurgency.
You claim to bring the temple down;
They'll make you wear a special crown!


4.  Ride on; ride on courageously,
In growing fierce hostility.
Enraged, they hate with lawless skill;
The men in power plan to kill.


5. Ride on; ride on to Calvary
With tortured grim integrity.
Absorb the pain; repay with grace
And thus transform the human race.


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