Reaching   Words and Music by Brenton Prigge © 2009 New Hymn CCLI # 5514706

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Tune: REACHING (CMD.) by Brenton Prigge [click on tune name to play midi;  Download SCORE in PDF here]

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1. How many dreadful ways a life

   can slowly bleed away;
How many desperate days alive

   we feel so dead and grey.
And rising from our deepest souls

   an s.o.s. goes high;
a flare, a prayer, a mournful cry:

  "Oh God, we long for life!"

2.  And some are waiting on the Lord,

   still bleeding in the crush,
and hesitating in the crowd,

   they're reaching for a touch;
And rising from the deepest source

   of pow-er from on high,
the touch connects and healing flows,

   and God says: "Child, arise!"

Based on Psalm 130 and Lamentation3:23-33 and Mark 5:21-43