Rekindle   Words: Brenton Prigge © 2007 New Hymn CCLI # 5070109

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1. Far from you in Babylon here,
I have just myself to blame
for each step that brought me these tears
on the road by which I came.
Every choice and every turn has
brought me to this wretched place;
save me Lord from my disgrace!


2.  I have grown so cold and jaded -
lost the warmth of your embrace;
How long aimless have I drifted?
How long since I sought your face?
Hear am I, Lord, Hear my cry, Lord -
kindle once again your flame;
burn away my guilt and shame!


3.  Set me back upon the pathway
where I am forever home;
Bring me back, and let me stay here
serving you, and you alone.
Here is my place - here in your grace -
bring me home from Babylon!
You are where my heart belongs!