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Suggested Tune BETHLEHEM ( 86867686.) by J Barnby [click tune name to play midi]

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1. There is no army that can save,
nor war-horse cavalry;
By my own strength I am betrayed:
who then can rescue me?
There's nothing left within me
to offer to the fight
My sacrifice does not suffice
what coin can pay the price?

2.  How wondrous then to hear the word
of that great sacrifice:
The God of Love, my precious Lord
in full has paid the price.
And will I not accept then
The gift I could not buy?
With all my soul, for once for all,
And never will I die!

3.  No greater treasure can there be
than I already have;
From sin and death I am set free,
and do not fear the grave.
O keep me burning brightly -
your beacon in the night
to those who seek, to all the weak -
Lord, show us now your Light!

Based on Revised Common Lectionary (C) for 19th Ordinary

Isaiah 1:1, 10-20 and Psalm 50:1-8,22-23


Genesis 15:1-6 and Psalm 33:12-22

Hebrews 11:1-3,8-16

Luke 12:32-40