I cry aloud Words: Brenton Prigge © 2006 New Hymn CCLI # 5000148

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© 2005 Brenton Prigge


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1. All through my day of trouble deep,
through sleepless nights, my hands outreached,
I cry aloud, I cry aloud
to my God.


2.  I call to mind your wondrous deeds,
the freedom you have worked for me,
and I reach out, I'm reaching out
to my God.


3.  You make a way through oceans deep
I'll follow in the way you lead,
I'm holding on, still holding on
to my God.


4.  My heart is glad and I rejoice;
Your path of life is my pure joy!
I'll not be moved from moving on
to my God.

Based on Revised Common Lectionary (C) for 13th Ordinary

Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20