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Suggested Tune AUTUMN (15 15.15 15.) by Francois Barthelemon

1. Sing "Amen!" to our forgiveness, sing "Amen!" - the word is "Yes!"
"Yes!" to all the lost and broken who draw near in Jesus name;
"Yes!" to every single promise the Almighty ever made.
Sing "Amen!" to our Redeemer, sing "Amen!" - His word is "Yes!"

2. How we've thirsted for salvation - Lord deliver us from death!
So our God has done a new thing: see the Living Waters sprung
in the desert of our being; He is life! He is the Son.
Now we've tasted our salvation; Sing "Amen!" - His word is "Yes!"

3. Bring your friends and bring your fam'ly in their deepest brokenness;
bring them to the blessed healer; let them meet Him face to face.
May they know His gentle healing; may they find His copious grace.
May they welcome Him as Saviour; Sing "Amen!" - His word is "Yes!"



Based on Revised Common Lectionary (B) for 7 th Sunday after Epiphany :

Isaiah 43:18-25; Psalm 41 ; 2 Corinthians 1:18-22 ; Mark 2:1-12