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Suggested Tune ERIE (What a Friend) (7 8. 7 8. D)

1. Shall we sing about a garden,
that a Father laid with care,
where the breathing of His Spirit
was the life that moved the air?
Shall we sing it as a love song
for the One who made us there?
Where then is the garden gone now,
that none find it anywhere?

2. Our own sins have been the weeds, Lord,
all our foolish, selfish pride;
we could not sustain the garden:
without you it slowly died.
Time and time again you warned us,
prophet after prophet tried,
saying, "God alone is Lord God,
"Choose Life now, you must decide!"

3. Even your own Son came down here,
made himself right down to Earth,
tried to talk sense to your people,
but we couldn't see His worth.
Just as we rebelled against you,
so against your Son we turned.
And yet from the cross his eyes still
with God's love eternal burned.

4. No more room for pride in my life,
all I've done and am is nought:
everything I've ever dreamed of,
all that I have ever sought;
all I ever need is Jesus -
He's my every waking thought;
He's the goal I will press on for,
'Till the good fight's finally fought.



Based on Revised Common Lectionary (A) for 27th Sunday in ordinary time:

Isaiah 5:1-7; Psalm 80:7-15 ; Phillipians 3:4b-14 ; Matthew 21:33-46