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Suggested Tune TRUST AND OBEY (6 6 9 D and refrain )

•  I have been path to seed,
when the birds came to feed.
I have failed to be sure of your word.
I have missed truth in haste;
failed to see patterns traced
in the tale of how God loves the world.


   God loves the World
hear the truth of His Word
that He sent His Son Jesus
out of love for the World


•  I have been shallow soil,
quick to start, quick to spoil.
I have bailed when the going gets steep.
Long before I go fast,
I must first learn to last,
and for that, I must learn to go deep.


•  I have been choking thorn -
you have seen how I fawn
over all that entangles me here:
all the glitter of gold,
and the gems that we hold
oh so terribly, fatally dear.


•  Weed me out, cut me down,
dig away rocks and stones.
Plough me deep, turn me over for you.
Let me send down my root
Now's the time to bear fruit
where I plant the love story of you.


Based on Revised Common Lectionary (A) for 15 th Sunday in ordinary time:

Isaiah 55:10-13 ; Psalm 65:1-13 ; Romans 8:1-11 ; Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23