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Suggested Tune VENNI IMMANUEL (14.14.4 7.8.)

     God of grace, who so loves the world,
grant your passion for healing
That we may reach out in your love
To those who know not of your grace.

Restore! Restore!

Lord restore us, make your face shine on us

That we may all be saved

     God of grace, who so loves the world,
Grant your zeal for transformation
Send us to share in love the news
Of new, abundant life in Christ

God of grace, who so loves the world,
Make of us a people of prayer
Touch our lips with your burning coal -
Renew in us your holiness.

     Let justice roll down like waters -
roll like an ever-flowing stream,
Form us and shape us that we may
be the servant people of God.


     Lay the poor always on our hearts
Use all we are and all we have
turn back their plight, bring them into
realms of life, joy, hope and shalom.


Based on Revised Common Lectionary (A) for 11 th Sunday in ordinary time:

Exodus 19:2-8; Psalm 100; Romans 5:1-8; Matt 9:35 -10:8