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To the Tune TO GOD BE THE GLORY (11 11. 11 11. and refrain)

1. This life with its struggles and hardships and pain,    Romans 8:18-27

this journey we make here need not be in vain.

Each day and each moment we spend on this earth

is well spent indeed if we fight the good fight.    1 Timothy 1:18 ; 1 Timothy 6:12 ; 2 Timothy 4:7


Stand and fight, stand and fight! Let the Lord be our shield! Ephesians 6:16

Let the word - His holy word - be the sword that we wield!

Hold on to your faith now and run this race true,

And fight the good fight till the journey is through! 2 Corinthians 10:4; 1 Corinthians 9:26


2. This God who created and gave us all life

has given us also a reason to live.

Our meaning and purpose is found when we learn:

As he has loved us, we should love in return.


3. And this is the secret - the myst'ry of life:

You only find fullness when empty of self!

When he pours you out as a drink offering,

You find the true joy only Jesus can bring


4. What great joy awaits us when this race is done,

When this fight is over and vict'ry is won!

How sweet the reward that awaits you and I,

If we hold our faith and we fight the good fight.