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Welcome to New Hymn


My name is Brenton Prigge.  I offer you this web site as a resource for worship.

Most of the lyrics on this website are modern hymns that I have written to be sung to traditional hymn tunes, which makes them easy to use for anybody who knows those tunes.

You may search for a modern hymn based on the LECTIONARY reading for the week.

 I don't quite have hymns for every single week, but you can also search by SCRIPTURE or by THEME

I also have some songs and hymns that are completely "mine", words and lyrics.  These are often on specific themes or of a particular genre, rather than lectionary based.  

For example: for a benediction, I have my own version of the Aaronic Blessing.

I have also started working on songs written specifically to be "child friendly" which I hope may be use in All Age Worship, of which the following are some examples:

       Every Tiny Seed by Brenton Prigge © 2013

I Wonder by Brenton Prigge © 2011  
Roll our stones away by Brenton Prigge © 2011 
Messy Christmas Carrol by Brenton Prigge © 2011

I have made a conscious decision not to make this a locked prescription site.
Instead I have opted for an "honesty jar" subscription system.
You choose, based on how often you use the site, how much to donate, and how often.  It's totally up to you.   Thank you for your support !

   For those who would prefer a guideline, might I suggest:
$5 for a one-off use of one hymn;
$10 annual contribution for those who would use up to 5 hymns in a year;
$15 for up to 10, etc.
But that's just a guideline.  Less if you like.  More if you like.  It really is up to you, and in the end,
I really would rather the hymns were used at no cost than not used at all!