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Tune: KINGSFOLD (DCM) Traditional Melody

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1. Oh, should we tremble then in fear
when panic-mongers cry
that we must learn to read the signs
or we will surely die?
And should we crumble in dismay
to learn "the end is nigh"?
No, we will live each day in hope
beyond the end of time.

2.  Do we forget so easily
the hope in which we live?
What happened to the confidence
that is our precious gift?
Hold fast now to that precious hope
that only God can give
and seize the gift of every breath
and to God's glory, live!

3.  We are not called to read the signs
or understand God's time
We are not called to preach of death
and judge our neighbours crimes
No, we are called to share the hope
that only God can give
our message is that God is life
come, know the Lord and live!

4.  Lord show us now the path of life
and let us not be moved
for condemnation is a lie
and we have nought to prove
No, Christ alone can win that fight
and that has long been done
Now on our hearts the Father writes
His laws of life and love.

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Based on Psalm 16 ; Mark 13:1-8; Hebrews 10:11-25