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Suggested Tune RANDOLPH ( By J McGranahan [click on tune name to play midi]

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1. He who was and is and is to come
was with God, was and is God always
Word and Light and Life is He for all
God is with us now, the Word is come.

2.  See: Into the World the Word is come;
God of God and Flesh of flesh is He!
See the blessed life-giving Mystery:
Son of God and Son of Man in one!

3.  All who will receive His gift of Self
Sons and Daughters of the Lord become;
Bound together in His love, as one
We will serve Him with our gift of self.


Based on Revised Common Lectionary (B) for 2nd Sunday after Christmas:

Jeremiah 37:7-14 ; Psalm 147:12-20 ; Ephesians 1:3-14 ; John 1:10-18, (John 1:1-9)