The Call   Words: Brenton Prigge © 2006 New Hymn CCLI # 4659181

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© 2005 Brenton Prigge


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Suggested Tune GLORY SONG ( and refrain) by C H Gabriel

1. Hear now the call of the Maker of all,
ringing from ages before you were born;
He knew your name long before the first dawn;
spoke it in love as He gave you your form.

Hear now the call, "Come follow me!"
Answer the call - give Him your all!
In Him you'll find who He made you to be;
He will transform you - He will set you free!

2. Nobody else - no not even yourself -
knows you like He who designed you so well.
He understands all the depths of your hell,
Willingly for you He gave you himself.

3. Answer the call, come surrender it all;
hold on to nothing that may make you fall.
Let every part of you live to His praise;
you are a temple of God 's holy grace.


Based on Revised Common Lectionary (B) for 2nd Sunday after Epiphany :

I Samuel 3:1-10, (11-20) ; Psalm 139:1-6,13-18 ; I Corinthians 6:12-20; John1:43-51