Goat Herds   Words: Brenton Prigge © 2005 New Hymn CCLI # 4621346

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Suggested Tune FOREST GREEN ( English Tradtional Melody

1. The message that those Angels sang
for shepherds far from here,
is just as true for me and you
on plains of Africa ,
as if they'd sung for goat-herds
on craggy mountain farms,
a message brought in Zulu, or
seTswana, or in San.

2.  The first noel remains the same
in southern summer's heat,
ng'kuba nizalelwa namhla                         Luke 2:11   for born to you today
emzini kaDavid'                                                               in the town of David
uMsindisi, 'nguKristu                                                      (is) the Saviour, who is Christ
He is Lord!                              the Lord
We don't need snow to feel the glow                    (Xhosa)
of Christ's love in the world.

3.  All echo then that song of praise
the angels brought to earth:
Al eer aan God in hoogste hem'l' -           Luke 2:14  All glory to God in highest heaven
Let's praise with all we're worth -                  (Afrikaans)
The North and South, and East and West -
by these sweet words are blessed:
lefaseng go be le khutso,                             in the world (on Earth) be peace,
kgahliso bathong. E!
                     Luke 2:14   goodwill (lit. - pleasing) to all. Yes!
                                                     (Northern seSotho)

4.  That message we must preach and sing
in every human tongue,
'till every woman, child and man
has heard that Christ has come.
gompieno lo tsaletswe                                                     today is born
tsaletswe Mmoloki,                                born the Saviour
yo e leng K'reste Morena,
                 Luke 2:11  who is Christ the Lord
and He is Lord indeed!                             (seTswana)


My thanks to Rev Musi Losab for his assisitance in proof reading the vernacular.