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Suggested Tune HANOVER ( by W Croft

1. Now this is the way
to follow the Lord:
let's give life away
and all we have stored,
keep nothing of self and
surrender it all;
why trade our salvation
for this little world?


2.  O Lord, we will go -
we will pay the price
for others to know
your love-sacrifice.
This share in your suff'ring
can never compare
to all you are offering.
Our cross we will bear.


3.  Let us live at peace,
and share the delight
of those who rejoice;
and where there is night,
we will mourn together,
and share joyful hope:
Christ binds us forever
and love is the rope.


4.  What wise sage can delve
this mystery profound?
When we lose ourselves
for others we're found!
Surrender our lives and
we no longer die!
We'll follow in Christ's love
and lift the cross high!


Based on Revised Common Lectionary (A) for 22nd Sunday in ordinary time:

Jeremiah 15:15-21 ; Psalm 26:1-8 ; Romans 12:9-21 ; Matthew 16:21-28