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Suggested Tune KINGSFOLD (DCM)

1. One Word created all that is,
One breath gave life to all.
One man, chosen, obedient,
answered one sacred call:
the call to father a People,
one Nation serving God.
And from this nation came the One:
the Saviour of the World.


2.   This is the quarry and the rock
from which we have been hewn;
we each were made to add our praise
to this sweet cosmic tune.
On this rock God is building his
prevailing church of Christ ,
using us as His living stones -
a living sacrifice.


3.  The Lord will fulfil His purpose
for every one of us,
and yet that purpose is not ours:
our goal remains our Source.
The God of Love made us in love;
in that image of God,
we all were made in love to love,
as God has loved the world.


4. For it is grace that brought us here,
and nothing we have done;
God showed His love once and for all
in Jesus Christ His Son.
Now let us use our gifts in faith,
and be transformed by grace;
that we may do God's perfect will,
to His eternal praise!


Based on Revised Common Lectionary (A) for 21 st Sunday in ordinary time:

Isaiah 51:1-6 ; Psalm 138 ; Romans 12:1-8 ; Matthew 16:13-20