Dark Gethsemane Words: Brenton Prigge © 2005New Hymn CCLI # 4494786

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© 2005 Brenton Prigge


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What anguish did you suffer           Matthew 26:36-46 ; Mark 14:32-42

when, knowing well your fate,

Temptation placed on offer

A myriad other ways?

How simple, oh so easy:

"Just slip away and flee!"

How desp'rate was your struggle

In dark Gethsemane !


See! Crimson perspiration

Upon that tortured brow

Where soon the flow will quicken

Beneath a thorny crown.

Oh, hear the cry of anguish;

in torment hear Him pray:

"O, Abba, Father, hear me!

Please take this cup away!"           Matthew 26:39 ; Mark 14:36


Then at the sound of soldiers

His face turns to the sky

Says: "Not my will but yours, Lord!"           Matthew 26:39 ; Mark 14:36

And love burns in His eyes.

This love was nailed to a cross

This love sealed in a grave

And yet this love was ne'er lost

This love burns still to save.


So save me, Lord! Come save me

from my Gethsemane !

When dark temptations hound me,

and evil lies in siege,

How weak I am in battle!

How easily untrue!

I dare not trust my own strength

But Lord I trust in you.


So save me, Lord! Come save me
from my Gethsemane ! *

*The repeat of the first two lines of the last verse is optional,
and requires a repetition of the last two lines of the melody.