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Suggested Tune ROCKINGHAM (L.M.) by E Miller

My Lord and King once gave His life

that I may live eternally            John 3:16

He calls me like countless before:

"Take up your cross, and follow me!" Matthew 16:24 ; Mark 8:34 ; Luke 9:23


Lord give me grace to heed your call

and for your sake to leave it all

The glitter and gloss of this world -

They cannot give what Jesus can. Matthew 19:27-30 ; Mark 10:28-30 ; Luke 18:28-30

I dare not clutch treasures of dust

which soon rust, crumble and decay Matthew 6:19

No! I will cling to Christ My King -

In Him alone I place my trust


I bring my earthly treasures, Lord,

and sacrifice them to your will.

Invest them in the weak and lost -

such treasures shine eternally. Matthew 19:21 ; Mark 10:21 ; Luke 12:33 ; Luke 18:22