The Power of Prayer Words: Brenton Prigge © 2002 New Hymn CCLI # 4315865

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Suggested Tune HANOVER by W Croft ( or 10 10. 11 11.)

O teach us again the power of prayer

How soon we forget, how sad our despair

While God our Creator who made us from dust

Is whisp'ring: "My children,

Oh, why won't you trust!"


Again and again, our God in His pow'r

Has heard all our prayers, supplied all our needs.

He hears us cry out in our times of distress

And in times of plenty

He listens, no less!


He's listening now, come bring Him your prayer

Just like a small child who's longing to share

With her precious Father the news of the day

Bring your hopes, fears, joy, tears:

Oh, come let us pray!

"Lord, teach us to pray..." (Luke 11:1)

This New Hymn is based on Luke 11:1-13. The main theme is clearly defined in the title: The Power of Prayer.